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Nomad Prime Portable LED Area-Spot
Product Model [200-800
FoxFury Nomad Portable Area-Spot Light: 2+ Years
to Develop, 20 Seconds to Deploy

Portable rechargeable quick deployment
combination LED Area light and Spotlight providing
up to 4000 torch lumens. Telescopes up to 8 ft tall as
a tripod light and can fold into a 33" tube for easy
transport. Attach / detach diffuser lens to switch
between area light and spotlight. Powered by internal
Li-ion battery and requires no generator.

During a disaster or emergency (natural or man
made) adequate lighting is critical to any type of
response. Its absence or slow provision creates
delays, increasing the potential damage and liability

While generator lights are usually available and
invaluable for lighting a large area, quick setup and
re-tasking (or repositioning) is a logistical nightmare
at best, and often a losing proposition. The FoxFury
Nomad was designed to address these specific
requirements, and provides either area or spot
lighting in 20 seconds. Units can be quickly deployed
and the Area-Spot combination is able to light large
areas, even in the worst terrains imaginable.

20 second deployment
Light Emissions
•4,000 torch lumen (50,240 candle power)
•8° spotlight or 120° area / scene light  
•Color Temperature: 6500 K
•Distance vision: up to 1.1 mi (2 km)
•75 Watt power consumption
•6 white LEDs
•Deploys in under 20 seconds
•Head telescopes up to 95" (241 cm)
•Head can rotate 340° and tilt up / down
•On / Off / Mode switch at base of unit
•Built-in level and leg adjustments for uneven
•Hold-down clamp
•Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
•AC or DC charge / drive
•Battery life indicator
3 Modes
•Low: 1,300 lumen
•Medium: 2,700 lumen
•High: 4,000 lumen
•Impact resistant
Physical Characteristics
•Weight: 17.0 lbs (7.7 kg)
•Size (closed position): ◦Diameter: 4.6" (11.7 cm)
◦Length: 33.0" (83.9 cm)
•Size (when deployed) ◦Max height of 94" (239
•Nylon 66 body with 6061-T6 aluminum head
•Stainless steel telescoping tube
•Carrying strap (black)
•Rechargeable lithium-ion 200WH battery
•Battery Life: ◦Low Intensity: 9 hours
◦Medium Intensity: 6 hours
◦High Intensity: 3 hours
•Fully Recharges in 5 Hours
•AC or DC charge / drive
•24 Months
Product Model [200-800]

Price $ 1,334.99
S&H  $       20.00
Total $ 1,354.99
Versatile Utility Light with phosphorescent
case. pocket, etc.). 4 Modes and Waterproof to
20 ft (6 m). Red LEDs are for visibility and night
vision adaptation including reading (maps) in
the dark.

Light Emissions
•20.0 Lumens (251 Candle Power) for White
•2.7 Lumens (33 Candle Power) for Red Light
•20° Field of Vision
•Distance Vision: 20 ft (6 m)
•10 LEDs: 6 White / 4 Red
•Yellow Phosphorescent Case
•Belt Clip
•Tap Switch
•Multi-Wear Options (Pocket, Garment,
Handheld, Clipped to Carabineer, etc.)
•4 Modes: ◦Mode 1: Red Only (4 LEDs)
◦Mode 2: White Only (6 LEDs)
◦Mode 3: Flashing (Alternating White and Red)
◦Mode 4: All On (White & Red)

•Off: After Mode 4

Scout  Tasker Safety Glow
Model 300-101
Price $ 44.99
$   6.00
Total  $ 50.99
Police Officers, Troopers These need to be
worn on your belt's left side for traffic stops
particularly at night.