LED Headlamps for Macular Degeneration and Retinitis
Ideal for those with Low Vision Related Problems
For those with Macular Degeneration,
Retinitis Pigmentosa and other Low Vision
related issues

Performance Low Vision
Tiltable multipurpose headlamp

My mother's friend in Florida came to her
saying she had a dress to wear to a party
but the hem needed to be shorter.  She has
macular degeneration and the dress was
She said she couldn't see to hem it.
I let her try one of these and an hour later
she came back very please that she was
able to hem the dress and bought this
She now says they are great for reading her

Performance LOW Vision ALLOW YOU TO
Model# 400-009

Price $ 110.00
$   6.00
Total $116.00
Note: My mothers friend didn't like the
battery pack on the headband. It does come
off and you can sit it on your lap when you
read or do what she does...puts it in a blouse
This headlamp has 24
Bright White LED's.
The center 4 are
focused for sewing,
reading, etc.

I know these help, but
if they don't for you I
will send you back
your payment after I
receive the light back
from you after 30 day
evaluation. If they help
you they are worth
twice the price, if they
don't I sure don't want
to profit.

Don't mistake these
for low cost led lights
which are not
designed for a
specific purpose.